Security – Preliminary List of Hands-On Hot-Labs

Below please find a list of Hot-Lab sessions for the Security product group portfolio to be held during the Open Horizons Summit. This List is preliminary and still developing. Stop by for updates.

These labs will run Tuesday, June 5th to
Thursday, June 7th mid-day

Access with Full Conference Pass only

The final Lab and Session Schedule will be
available after May 2nd 2018


Fortify WebInspect

In this Hot Lab you will learn the fundamentals of Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) with Micro Focus Fortify WebInspect (WI) through hands-on exercises, demo guidance, and introduction to the Fortify support resources.


Deploying Windows 10 with ZENworks 2017 & MDT

ZENworks provides different methodss to deploy the Windows operating system. In this session you will learn how to deploy Windows 10 using MDT and ZENworks 2016 Update 3. Then we will show you how to publish virtual applications and how to secure the device with Full Disk Encryption, Endpoint Security, and Patch Management.


Voltage SecureData Deployment & Installation

Voltage SecureData provides end to end data protection sensitive and PCI data using Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST). In this session you will learn about SecureData Architecture and how to install and deploy SecureData Appliance on-Premise and on AWS.


All You Need to Know about Managing Mobile

Managing mobile devices is one of the key enhancements from ZENworks 2017. In this session you will learn about the mobile management capabilities of ZENworks 2017 and get a technical deep-dive into the product. One of our product support engineers will be running the labs on the most common support requests.


ArcSight Investigate

Using ArcSight Investigate, you’ll be hands-on uncovering a security incident which has taken place within an organisation over a period of weeks. Dig deep with high speed searches through billions of events to quickly ascertain the likelihood of a breach and subsequent root cause analysis. Get first-hand experience using ArcSight Investigate’s easy to learn natural language for searching and pivoting data. In this lab you will also create security focused analytics quickly show anomalous behaviour within an organisation.


ZENworks—What’s New and What’s Next

More than ever your organisation is in need of an all encompassing solution for managing your IT environment. Manage your Windows, MAcOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices without stress. ZENworks delivers where others stop. In this lab you will experience what has been added in ZENworks 2017 Update 2. You will also be able to work with the new features that will become available with ZENworks 2017 Update 3.


ArcSight FlexConnectors

“Go from Zero to Hero in a single file!” Learn What a FlexConnector is and how to write one. See examples from all over the world, in all kinds of places. From CSV to REST API JSON. In this HotLab you will learn how to write a FlexConnector, examine the different parts of a FlexConnector, and how to debug a FlexConnector.


Multi Factor Security and the Advanced Authentification Framework

Near daily reports of cyber breaches demonstrate that insider credentials are considered the crown jewels by hackers. As a result, it’s essential that these credentials are adequately protected, and it’s clear that passwords are no longer adequate, and need reinforcements. Key authentication events such as desktop login and VPN endpoints need this extra security, yet users demand as little change as possible. Using Micro Focus Advanced Authentication, this lab will show participants how easy, flexible and non-intrusive the addition of multifactor authentication such as U2F, Smartphone OOB or OTP to existing infrastructure can be.


Voltage SecureData Integrations

Voltage SecureData provides data protection for PII and PCI data using flexible integration options using various methods such as client side API, Web services API native UDF at database level and file processors. In this session you will learn about Voltage SecureData integration with broad range of Databases, Applications, Mainframe , and Big Data Platform. Also you will learn how to protect data using SecureData Simple API, and REST API and SecureData File Processor.


Get Your Own Application Store

This Lab will cover everything you need to do from having no ZENworks Service Desk installation to having ZSD set up as a store front


Fortify SCA

In this Hot Lab you will learn the fundamentals of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) and Software Security Center (SSC Server) through hands-on exercises, demo guidance, and introduction to the Fortify support resources.


ZENworks Inventory and Reporting

ZENworks inventory is a lot more than just collecting some software details. This lab will help you to understand the ZENworks inventory capabilities, give you a look at best practices, and show you how to use ZENworks reporting capabilities to get your own custom reports.


ArcSight ESM

During this lab you will build your own multi node distributed correlation based ESM 7.0. You will build security content – rules, dashboards and reports on security events and see first hand how ESM distributes these events at high speed to enable SOC’s event rates never seen before…


Identity Manager 4.7 – First Touch

Identity Manager has been a leading management solution for almost 20 years. The brand new version 4.7 has everything you need to manage your identities easier, faster and more securely than ever before. see the improved installation, smell the ease with which you can collect existing permissions from connected systems, taste the enhancements in the Identity Applications and hear no more complaints and feel happy.


Introduction to Identity Governance