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The Security opportunity: Protecting the digital and hybrid enterprise – A holistic approach leveraging AI and machine learning

The survival of the fittest quotation probably describes best the situation our customers are facing. On their digital journey they have to be agile – in order to lead and/or to be competitive – while managing todays serious risks and challenges. At least four great opportunities lie in front of all of us to help our customers to speed up and secure their digital business agendas leveraging AI and machine learning.


The DataSec opportunity Part I: Data Discovery and Classification

Data is simply everywhere – in structured and unstructured data stores and warehouses. But how do you identify and classify the data that needs to be protected?


The DataSec opportunity Part II: Universal data protection – allowing to legally monetize on it

The business should not suffer from the EU’s personal data privacy regulation (GDPR) in order to monetize collected client information.


The DataSec opportunity Part III: Universal data protection – allowing to legally monetize on it

There is a way allowing to protect data at rest, in motion and in use – simply everywhere – with the potential to change the game.


The AppSec opportunity: lean DevOps with Security built-in

In today’s software business a quick turnaround is key to stay ahead of the competition. Security cannot be the bottleneck for this. Discover how security can be seamlessly integrated into DevOps so we can all benefit from it.


The IAM opportunity: intelligent access to lower risks, increase security

Regulations (like GDPR), insider threat, cybercrime and overall risk posture share a common goal: enforce least privilege and secure access. But it has to be adaptive, business and user friendly while having time and costs in mind. Experience the latest and greatest news in the IAM space to accelerate success.


The SecOps opportunity: Intelligent Security Operations – Work smarter, detect and respond threats faster

Intelligent Security Operations is the key success factor of every actionable, effective  and resource efficient IT-security strategy. To support the business todays Sec Ops has to be flexible and highly agile in finding threats at one hand and  address the expectations of lower TCO the same way. Expereince how the combination of tangible security monitoring and powerful security analytics elevate the SOC to a higher maturity level!