Open Horizons FAQ

Open Horizons uses Bigmarker to host virtual events, webinars and meetings.

What is Bigmarker?

Bigmarker is a browser-based, no-download webinar software and offers a wide range of functions.

The Open Horizons Bigmarker Channel can be accessed through
After subscribing the channel, you do have access to all events, webinars and on-demand recordings.

Before registering an account please read the instructions on this site.

For some events & webinars a further registration is required.



Bigmarker is a browser-based, no-download webinar software. Neither you nor the attendees have to download any software.


Bigmarker is very easy to handle. Open your browser, follow an invitation link or login at bigmarker and start with your session. The webinar interface is almost self-explanatory.


You can join a webinar from almost any OS and device, including MAC, Windows, iOS or Android.


As a presenter you may share your full screen, a specific browser tab or an application. Sometimes we have had issues with the font size of applications. Therefore we hardly recommend to test the screen sharing before the event starts.


If you do not want to share your screen you can also upload your slides. In this case you should use PDF file format. Anyway we reommend using screen sharing and only use the slide option as a backup.


It is also possible to upload Audio and Video files (mp4/mp3/wav) or to share your cam.


Each webinar room offers a public & private chat where attendees and presenters may interact with each other.


Capture feedback and data by asking your audience.


The audience may submit questions at the public chat or in the Q&A section. The presenter can answer the questions in the session or as a written answer at the Q&A section. Written answers are visible to other attendees as well.


Upload your handouts in advance. As soon as you release the handout, all attendees will be able to access the file


Each webinar will be automatically recorded and manually published after the event (if needed)..


A wide range of functions are available for presenters. Presenters may upload slides, handouts or audio & video files,share screen & webcam and create predefined polls.

How do I setup a webinar?

You do not have to do anything. Just sit back and the Open Horizons team will do the setup with all the necessary settings.
Once the setup is done, we will send an invitation.

Things & settings you should be aware of

Webinar Mode

There are two different Modes a session can have:

Webcast and Interactive

By default all sessions will operate in webcast mode. That means that the webcast streams on a 10-15 second delay, with higher video quality, and compatibility with a larger number of browsers and devices.

It is best suited for hotlabs, deep dive sessions, and other content where the audience interacts via Chat, Q&A, Polls, and other features, but not via mic or webcam.

Interactive sessions will operate in interactive mode in realtime without delay to enable audio (via mic) and webcam communication. Webinars have stricter system requirements: attendees must have high-speed internet and a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox. This mode is limited to a smaller number of participants.

If you need to go for the interactive session please contact us so we can adjust the settings accordingly.

Webinar Automation

All sessions are pre-configured. That means that some events will be triggered automatically:

  • The session will be opened for the presenters one hour before the webinar starts.

  • The session waiting room will open for attendees 15 minutes before the session starts.

  • The session will start at the scheduled time and all attendees who are in the waiting room will be moved to the live session.

  • The session recording will start at the scheduled time

  • The session will be closed & the recording will stopp at the scheduled time

  • Once the session ends all attendees will be forwarded to the next session. If you are finished earlier you may end the session manually to trigger the forward before the attendees leave the session room.

Tipps & Tricks

If the session is operating in webcast mode and you are asking a question to the audience you should wait at least 15-30 seconds to get responses before you continue.

There are two Buttons at the webinar platform:


Exit Webinar: If you click that button, you will leave the webinar but the webinar will stay open.
End Webinar: If you click that button, you will end the webinar and every attendee will be kicked out. It is not possible to restart the webinar again.

Please be careful which button you use!

If you are testing your session you will be able to upload handouts, slides, audio and video files. Files uploaded in the test session will also be available on the live session.

Test the webinar! Get familiar with the platform and see if screen sharing and audio/video devices are working.

The session (as well as the recording) starts automatically at scheduled time, don’t start it manually! We have preconfigured some messaging on timing and next session recommendation that will happen during the session automatically.

You will be able to join the session one hour before the session starts. Please do not click the „Webinar start“ Button. The webinar will start automatically at the scheduled time. If you start the webinar earlier you will not be able to test your session.

Make sure you finish on time as the webinar will end automatically. If you are finished earlier you may end the webinar by clicking on „END WEBINAR“. If you click END WEBINAR the webinar will end, the recording will stopp and the attendees will be forwarded on the landing page of the following session.

How do I get access to my session?

After we created the webinar/session you will get an invitation email for each of your sessions.

This email contains all the information you need to access your session:

  • Event name

  • Session name
  • Session Date & Time

  • Webinar Test Instructiontions
  • System Requirements
  • Direct link to join
  • Duration

There are two different urls in your invitation.
The first url (URL#1) is to test your session before the event day

This url is only accessable if you have registered an account at bigmarker using the same email address we used for the invitation.

To register an account on bigmarker follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Open Horizons Bigmarker Channel (

  • Hit the subscribe button

  • Register an account by using the email adress we used for the invitation

  • Make sure you’re logged in (you should see the content of the Open Horizons Channel now)

  • Go back to the invitation email and click on the „Test my webinar“ link. You should be forwarded to your session test room.

The second url (URL#2)

  • opens the presenters landing page where you may test your network connection

  • can be used to join the session on the event day

Technical requirements

We kindly ask you to test the bigmarker system before the event day to prevent any issues.

  • We highly recommend you to use the latest Chrome Version
  • Disable any VPN connection
  • Close any video apps (Skype, Teams, etc)
  • Make sure your firewall is not blocking your browser
  • Internet connection: at least 10 Mbps

Any questions?

In case of any questions please feel free to contact us at